OK, most of you must be dead tired of my babble on school stuff. I’ve kept talking about how I ought to finish another assignment or study for a final. Judging by y’all’s comments you probably now see me as a superbly dedicated and hard-working studen haha! I’m flattered! With you people living under such an impression though I believe I need to explain this school thing a little bit.

I study business at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences here in Helsinki.

On the 7th floor of my Uni – trying to snap a picture without anyone spotting me do so.

I enrolled my Uni in the fall of 2008 right after graduating from high school. The degree is called Tradenom, it’s a bachelor’s degree in business. I chose to major in marketing since my dream is to work in a media/advertising house and with people, branding and communications. The tradenom degree itself could be finished in 4 years but I was somewhat lazy in my first 2 years so it’s taken me a little longer. That also explains why I’ve had to work harder during this last study year of mine to catch up with everything and actually make graduating possible!

My campus, as the biggest and hardest one to get accepted in of all the Haaga-Helia campuses, was my pick for a Uni not only because of the level of studies it offered, but because I found the campus itself so nice. I knew that if it wasn’t for a comfy, spacey campus with good computers and interesting enough courses I wouldn’t bother dragging my butt there!

The campus itself has 9 floors and what I’ve always loved about it is how it’s glass everywhere so that it never seems dark and depressing – I guess it’s meant to make you think of a nice new office block than a school. In these past few years I’ve spent a lot of time sitting by the tall windows on the higher floors, staring down at the business district by which the school’s located, and waiting for my next class.

Like I know I’ve said a dozen times, I don’t have any classes to attend this spring now except for one language class. Blehh, a compulsory one. I’m now starting working on my thesis and that should mean a lot of study time in the library of my school and a lot of sitting on the computer enjoying my time with Word, writing. But I am actually really excuited for it! After finishing my thesis I’ve got the half-a-year-long internship in some company to do and then I’ll be ready graduate, and hopefully ready to enroll a job in my own field.

Alright alright, enough for study related stuff. Hope this cleared things up a bit and explained where I am at with life right now. My spring will be very thesis centered so I may be mentioning it often, but since the thesis itself is blog related I should be on the blog a lot too! Cheers!