There I thought I was dying just now for the past few hours. While I was trying to finish up this one 30-page school report - that I should’ve turned in by 6. Hohoho. But I just got it done *WHOOOOOO!!* So, can allow myself some blogging time now, right? While I’m sitting @ bf’s while he’s at practice.

Ok, we jump back to the other weekend! ↓

Oh, you knowww it “JUST GIMME THE LII-III-IIIGHT” Sean Da Paul, “GIVEITTOMENOW” and y’all know how it goes. Yeppers! The other weekend we had Sean Paul, the very Americanized almost-proud Jamaican, throw a little gig at the CIRCUS night club here in Helsinki Finland. Naturally we had to go. Nevermind how the gig itself went (ok I was super pissed-off from waiting forever for the guy to actually appear on stage and then in the end I left pretty early) but I thought I’d just show you that night’s simple outfit and hair & makeup.

For the outfit I picked simple shorts & a tank top + my fav ZARA denim jacket.
Shoes: flat over-knee boots; did not want heels stopping me from dancing! ↓

But the point of that coordinate was the hair I think, I mean I picked pretty plain clothing but had my hair & make done at least hehe. Once again I went for one of those pulled-to-the-side hair do’s with curls. I have a thing for those, hmm?

Here’s a celly phone shot of the hair & make – used some extra lasheys  on the outer corner ↓

I didn’t braid the hair on the side, I just twisted it and pinned it down.

What some of you’s might not have noticed or might have missed out on is that I really loooove dancing – to me that means hip-hop and such and reggaeton etc basically – and I love the music and the fashions involved. In addition to Asian street fashion I look into “black fashion” for inspiration not far from just as often. Although I’m sure I’ve mentioned that one of my fav online stores is which is full of brands like Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, Akademiks etc that (how I feel about this) would be concerned pretty “black” in the States for example.

So yes; as an example I give you guys this Apple Bottoms one ↓  Hair lookin’ familiar, maybe?

Hehe I just noticed that (what I probably didn’t noticed then) I must’ve been inspired by these pictures when I did my hair for the Sean Paul night!

These are from the web site of Apple Bottoms, one of my sister’s favorite hip hop fashion brands if you can call them that. I loved the denim set here with the studs so I instantly saved this pic on my laptop. Don’t you? The model looks goooorrgeous!

And one of my #1 style icons is Keyshia Cole. Below, rocking it in “I Ain’t Thru”

Love the monotone look with the silver bling here. And the lipstick & hair!

“Elbow room” :D The fake mowhawk is cool, need to try one of those!

The green & pink make-up is so fun too. Nevermind Nicki in this vid.

Oh and. 1 thing we owe hip-hop fashions for is great sneaks – want me some from RocaWear! ↓

Here in Finland people don’t associate things like wearing brands like RocaWear or Apple Bottoms with “black fashion” as easy they do in the States. Since those brands are not so common here and oh, we don’t have the African-American culture here. But if I was still living in Missouri USA I bet I’d be told “OH NO YOU CAN’T BUY AIRFORCE1′s YOU’RE WHITE!!” and that sort, like I was 5 years ago there. But maybe that’s just Missouri?

So, sometimes I’m glad for that here in Helsinki, even a pale-ish blonde miss like myself can walk around wearing Roca’s with no worries of getting looked at weird. Not to say that they would in the USA but still, I’m a bit cautious after watching people’s views on this topics back in 2005 when I was living in Missourahhh!

But oh, it’s 10PM and that means that one Mr. will be back from practice soon. I better start acting like I’m still working on school stuff haha… NOOOOOT. I’ll see you guys soon, hopefully I’ll get to post + a VLOG I just took this weekend! Cheersies ♥