What’s uppp what’s uuuupp, people?! I’m on a pwetty chirpy mood right now because today, my friends, I’ve got a much awaited day off from work! \( ›          A         ‹ )/// altho the weather’s pretty gray, but still. Last 2 weeks have felt like work 24/7 - but now I’m here to talk about my late accessory finds & to post buttloads of cam-hoe-ing of course. Hohoho ★

Let’s start with the accessory finds – OK, my best late shopping find?

Most definitely my lovely new safari hat! ↑ found a few days back from Zara. Ok I did get some moccasins and another hat but. The safari hat is just THEe-e-e thing I’ve been looking for to uhm, level up my outfits so to say. Hohoho. Now I feel like all of my summer outfits were super boring before this safari hat!

A close-up of the other day’s make with me wearing the safari hat

(View full-size HERE.) “Modern day witch gone safari cowboy” keikk reports!

Let me demonstrate the awesomeness of the hat;

Vers. 1) my outfit from the other day, without my new hat on ↓

Alright I think, but just. Hmm. It’s missing the “point” of the outfit.

And then, tii-tii-tii-tiiitti-

Vers. 2) The same touched up with _the_hat ↓ (& other shoes.)

I am asking you: what kind of a cucumber would say the 1st vers was cooler?!! RIGHT?


Yes, my safari hat is definitely the #1 item to give my outfits some spark with I think.

If you were to walk up to me now and be like “hey you, you most boring ‘onee gyaru’ ever!, youre just a big ole lameaaaassss ahhahaha” I’d give you the look like, “eh, please..” *pointing at my safari hat* “did you not see my hat???”. Am I getting too hyper-nerdy-dorky and this post getting too weird or what?☻

Okayyyy I’ll calm down. Hrrmm.

Anybody notice the jewelry in the pics? I’ve still got my jewelry finds to show you’s!

Like said, I’ve spent most of my days working  at a mall (OH AND maybe searching through clothing stores before, during and after work hehehe) so I’ve been raiding through the summer sales a lot. Since I’ve been living on my own on a student’s budget for the past 2+ years, I’ve picked up the habit of waiting for stuff to go on clearance – and shopping first then.

It’s double fun SALEs shopping at cheap chains like Ginatricot & H&M – stuff is half free then!

So, during these sales I spotted some buy worthy accessories from Ginatricot

Ahhh feather earrings ♥ ♥ ♥  I might not have paid full price for these, since they’re Ginatricot/crappy quality, but all was 50% off; (→) 9€, 5€, 4€, 2€. I might be going back for doubles, I’m afraid of these breaking too soon ( >      w     < )

I also got some bracelets from BijouBrigitte + a cross necklace from Ginatricot ↓

Ok I just went “ooooh I love feather earrings!!” but did I ever mention how much I love leopard print? Hmm? OH AND how much I’ve always liked crosses in jewelry?? Well, I do! Got a lot of love ok?

Alrightee now, I originally wanted to paste more pictures on this post but I’ve come to the conclusion that I should rather be posting MORE OFTEN than making super long post once a year, so… I’ll leave some late photos til the next post! ( n        ω       n )/

With that said, I’m off to fix us some lunch! See you’s! ~♥