Thanks to all of you for the many comments & requests on previous posts! This blog is my favorite way of spending my me-time, and a project that always provides my perfectionist self with something new to work on & make ‘even better’. I want to keep on blogging & getting better, and having you alls compliment me on posting more, and letting me know what you like and what you’d like to see more of on the blog, is such a great motivation! Thank you guys

With that said, let’s get to my fall wish list 2011 -

Who doesn’t like scrolling through web shops or strolling around checking on what’s new in stores, and making imainary got-to-get lists (especially if you’re a penniless student like myself and can’t just go ahead and buy it all).

And then imagining how I’d wear them all if they magically appeared my closet;

… word. I know I’ve said this before a dozen times but, I really enjoy making “style plans”! To help remember my plans and outfit ideas & must-haves (or keep myself busy on boring moments) I sometimes scribble down lists of the type of things I’d want to get.

Really I started making my fall style plans ages ago – remember THIS POST?

I’m now doing the listing-my-must-haves in the form of photo collages & I’m sharing them here with you people. These 3 collages are mostly just pics of clothing items so these might not channel the outfit ideas I’ve got in mind yet… I guess we’ll just have to hope for these all to magically appear in my closet so I can start making outfits with these items and then possibly blogging about them!

Ok, now those items I’d have picked from stores & web shops – CLICK ↓ FOR BIGGER!

1.) Basics & knits

1. Knits! Loose & holey ones, long enough to wear with leggings. (Outfit 1: GALSTAR)
2.+ 3. Colored denim: cargo, red, brown, to wear w/ knits & boots. (Outfits: GALSTAR)
4. Maxi long knits! (Lacey one YUMETENBO) 5. (Lindex, I think)
6. Super cool long tail tricot knit (Lindex)
7. Thick knits, longer in the front (Lindex)
8. Boho / wild west inspired knits. (KappAhl, I think)

2.) Faux fur

1. Must-have (since 2010 lol) faux-fur jacket! (GALSTAR)
2. Another cool furry jacket (ZARA)
3. Wedge or platform booties: instant kick-ass addition to an outfit. (GALSTAR)
4. Faux fur booties – how cute are these, really? (GALSTAR)
5. A more grown-up version of the furry boots. (Yumetenbo or Galstar)
6. Faux fur hat – got one already but need another I think heh heh. (GALSTAR)
7.+ 8. Faux fur collars (7: Vila or Only, 8: ZARA)

3.) Metallic & leather like

1. OK #1 MUST-HAVE!! Metallic pants, oh yes. Gimme! (ZARA)
2. A more toned down shiny pair of pants, biker look. (ZARA)
→ Imagine these shiny pants with some wedge/platform boots or over-knee ones! FIERCE.)
3. Some metallic / shiny party purses. (ZARA)
4. Ok, how about those over-knee Domina boots? (GALSTAR)
5. Metallic heels & scarf. Love those pumps! (ZARA)
6. Pleather backpack; a black backpack bag is a must-have! (GALSTAR)
7. Biker style faux leather jacket (Stockmann OneWay)
8. Another fake leather jacket (GALSTAR)

Oh yes, oh yes! Now there’s something to shop for, for a while! Of course, I won’t have to order all this stuff all the way from Japan (GALSTAR is a a Japanese gyaru fashion online shop, they ship overseas too via Rakuten International) because most basics, like different knits and say, pleather jackets can be found from Finland too. I’m really pleased with ZARA’s stuff this season, too. Need to start avoiding ZARA so I won’t end up going bankrupt again b/c of it! *cursing*

Waiting for those items to start popping up from the depths of my closet, so off to bed I go. Keep dropping those post topic requests ♥ Updating on ‘personal life’ etc soon. Cheerioh’s!