To start off with yesterday’s look below; from one of those incredibly sunny and bright, deceiving spring days. When you’ll be thinking it must be at least +15C judging by the looks of it but when you actually step out you’ll be freezing your butt off for how chilly the wind is. But I’m good!

And below, my friends, my new goes-with-everything bag from Zara! A bag that can fit your school gear, gym gear and possibly other carry-on’s too is one to buy.  Now I know I use this excuse on everything I buy (almost) but honestly bro, I’ve been lacking one.

Best things in fashion I’ll never get over? Studs, suspenders, straps and buckles. I would have loved for this little bag to have a studded bottom too, but we’ll make do with the straps!

This one is fake leather although it looks quite authentic. Now I’m just hoping this one will be as sturdy as a real-leather made would be. This is the type of a bag I could even invest in a real version A.Wang or such because I’d probably be wearing it for years to come. I’ll be posting photos of this new baggy bag of mine in action asap!

Other than getting the new bag, this week flew by with school work and being at B’s.


All photos from my Instagram @hautekeikk – you can also follow the feed via my FB page!

Right now I am sitting at my B’s by our big office desk, just finished one online final exam and should start working on the rest of the school assignments now. But hey, I’ve also bought me some thai-cooking ingredients so which one it be, hmm?

Friday cookings and possibly a SH’BAM class at the gym ahead for me. Enjoy the weekend y’all!