Dear friends and followers of

This blog is retiring after nearly 5 years in service.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with me & the support you’ve all given me!

I’ve come to the decision that it’s best to lay my dear old to rest for now and move on to fresher fields. It’s best I start blogging again when I feel like it’s fun and not one more thing to stress about as of late. I’ve already got plans for a new blog project that would match my current style of life better but I’ll be digging into that after I’ve gotten other things out of the way.

I know you all understand this and I can only hope that you guys will still tag along should I start new blog or Youtube adventures in the future!

You’re always welcome to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@kristiinalund) to stay in touch.

Stay true to yourselves, be sweet to others and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

For those who care, click the link below to read the long story;

As much as I love blogging, this blog has for some months now caused me to feel disappointed in myself for not having been able to blog as well / as much as I would’ve liked to. With my current life being a carousel of two jobs, starting another one soon as a group fitness instructor, with a relationship and some sort of a personal life to take care of; well, there’s just no room for blogging. Also the idea of trying to dress well just so I can make a blog post about it has started to seem ridiculous to me. I’m really not style-inspo material atm and I don’t feel like putting on a show for the blog’s sake. Blog wise I’d have more to share about other topics.

Until I’ve got just one day job to worry about instead of 3 + school, I can’t make blogging that “fun and aspiring off time activity” it should be.

What comes to me all’s good though. I’m currently in awe for the fact that I scored a 5/5 from my bachelor’s thesis – which you guys helped me with because that past blog survey was a part of it! <3 I’m just quite tired of and frustrated with the circumstances I’ve been living in, trying to live in a relationship with my B when we both live at our parents’ and so on. The relationship’s been through some hard times but all through it it’s been that one thing making my life worthwhile. Either way, after this spring’s payless internship + work + thesis hassle I’m in need of time for myself and the people I want to spend my life with.

You guys have been suchhh a smart and loving bunch of people and an amazing support! I would be sad to be retiring if I didn’t remember all the sweet and supportive comments you guys have left me all this time. Thank you all one more time!

I don’t think this’ll be the last of my blogging but it’s the last for this blog, unless it’s to inform about new blog projects of mine ;)

See you guys - hopefully sooner than you think!