Some of us like to spend holidays out of country, some going out drinking their butts off, and some, like myself, never missing the chance to bake holiday goodies. I’ve been on a cupcake roll of late and none of you blog or Instagram followers shall be spared from that!

To me, baking is all about emptying your head of all that other stuff while you fully concentrate on creating your own little cake wonders.

 photo easter-cupcake-decorations.jpg photo easter-cupcake-decorations-.jpg
 photo decorating-cupcakes.jpg
 photo colored-easter-decoration-c.jpg

Yesterday morning before I headed for a work shift at the gym I still work at now and then, I decided to make some Easter themed cupcakes. Mini choco eggs and food colored cocoa flakes for grass worked for this easter’s decoration setting.

 photo cute-easter-cupcake-decorat.jpg photo cute-easter-cupcakes.jpg photo cute-easter-cupcake.jpg photo easter-cupcake-tower.jpg
Who wants a cupcake? Oh, just kidding. There’s only like 5 more left now!

Ah, Easter, I’m sssuuuuper happy to have these 3 days totally off work! (Haven’t had 2 off-days in a row since I started the internship some 2 months ago). I’m going to drag my butt to gym tomorrow and Monday and naturally get some stuff done. Such as blog stuff, new online projects and raiding my closet so I can take stuff to the flea market one of these days.

Happy Easter everyone!

And thank you all for always being so supportive and sweet ❤

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