Hello again, it’s the new year and that calls for blog plans & ideas (from you people!) I know that those of you following hautekeikk.com wish for more posts and for me to post more often; that is already on my want-to-achieve-in-2012 list. To know what you all currently wish to see on the blog, I’ll be requesting post ideas further down on this post. But first take a look at my blog post ideas and blog plans below!

Blog Post Ideas for 2012

Blog Post Ideas for 2012 by hautekeikk on POLYVORE

• mini birthday/christmas gift vlog
(hair) ghd hair iron review vlog + curly hair style tutorials
(fashion) spring/summer high fashion, favorite picks, gyaru brands S/S
(style) most worn items, favorites, closet raid
(style) shopping finds, yesstyle.com buys, souvenirs from japan
 (style) style icons photo roll post, beauty idols
• (makeup) favorite make-up style, items, possibly tutorial
• random cell phone photos post
• USA vs Finland life, my exchange year in the US in ’06
• apartments & interiors, dream home & living post
• workout routines, what I do to “keep in shape”, fitness stuff

There’s some for future post topics, did I forget something? Got ideas?
Leave a Comment & throw me your idea so I can add it on the list! ♥

I would’ve wanted to carry out my “more style & outfit photos” plan with this post too, but I’ve a total pyjama banana since Christmas! So no nice new outfit photos to show now. But I was just going through the picture files on my phone and noticed there were loads of (more of less random and irrelevant) cell phone photos I never shared here on the blog yet -

So since I’ve got no new photos of me self, here’s a little  phone photo feed!

Coolest hair-do try from past weeks – Minnie Mouse do!
Some holiday/birthday bakings, oreo truffles I just attempted to make the other day.
And then my favorite sight; B sleeping. Here with Ginah at his feet. (Don’t tell him I posted this)
The “nice surprise” when waking up – Ginah, our pitbull has come take a nap at the end of the bed. At B’s.

From those at-home, pre-holidays days. In my room.
Christmas lights I put up in B’s room. / Have I ever told you guys I like my orchids? Ooopsee
First one makes me lol because I think my face is just so *bitch please!!* on here! :D
Second one is a pre-holidays outfit, wearing my favorite pleather shorts and boots.

This is from the summer, a view from me & B’s then apartment, taken by by with his iPhone.
I’ve been missing living (by myself/)with B SO much lately, I just feel like weeping looking at photos from our ex home.

Okay, this little girl is off to bed.

PS. Thank You all for the comments on my previous “recap of last year” post – I realize I could’ve gotten several nosy comments for trying to explain how things were like last year, and for telling you guys I wasn’t doing so great and all. But you, dear readers, are unusually smart & sweet and I am grateful for that! What a sweet way to start a year of blogging 2012!