Dear friends and followers of

This blog is retiring after nearly 5 years in service.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with me & the support you’ve all given me!

I’ve come to the decision that it’s best to lay my dear old to rest for now and move on to fresher fields. It’s best I start blogging again when I feel like it’s fun and not one more thing to stress about as of late. I’ve already got plans for a new blog project that would match my current style of life better but I’ll be digging into that after I’ve gotten other things out of the way.

I know you all understand this and I can only hope that you guys will still tag along should I start new blog or Youtube adventures in the future!

You’re always welcome to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@kristiinalund) to stay in touch.

Stay true to yourselves, be sweet to others and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

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Easter with my Cupcakes

Some of us like to spend holidays out of country, some going out drinking their butts off, and some, like myself, never missing the chance to bake holiday goodies. I’ve been on a cupcake roll of late and none of you blog or Instagram followers shall be spared from that!

To me, baking is all about emptying your head of all that other stuff while you fully concentrate on creating your own little cake wonders.

 photo easter-cupcake-decorations.jpg photo easter-cupcake-decorations-.jpg
 photo decorating-cupcakes.jpg
 photo colored-easter-decoration-c.jpg

Yesterday morning before I headed for a work shift at the gym I still work at now and then, I decided to make some Easter themed cupcakes. Mini choco eggs and food colored cocoa flakes for grass worked for this easter’s decoration setting.

 photo cute-easter-cupcake-decorat.jpg photo cute-easter-cupcakes.jpg photo cute-easter-cupcake.jpg photo easter-cupcake-tower.jpg
Who wants a cupcake? Oh, just kidding. There’s only like 5 more left now!

Ah, Easter, I’m sssuuuuper happy to have these 3 days totally off work! (Haven’t had 2 off-days in a row since I started the internship some 2 months ago). I’m going to drag my butt to gym tomorrow and Monday and naturally get some stuff done. Such as blog stuff, new online projects and raiding my closet so I can take stuff to the flea market one of these days.

Happy Easter everyone!

And thank you all for always being so supportive and sweet ❤

Many of you already  have (thank you!)  but if you haven’t yet, please do take the survey in the previous post below to join the giveaway! Cheers~

Current Favs & A Whole New (No)Life

 photo c995bf40f3d5bc1026f947477c57b35d.jpg

Wearing my latest fav, the COOGI puffer coat, with a GT sweater & old Zara boots.

Hey there my patient, pretty blog followers. I am on my second week at the new job, with a bunch of web marketing stuff, a back office clean-up and sort of some small event planning behind me. And with these outfit of the day mirror shots taken which I couldn’t resist taking via the huge ass shop mirror, of course!

 photo ootd-in-red-beanie-and-combat-boots2.jpg photo ootd-coogi-coat-1.jpg photo mirror-ootd-photo.jpg

The red beanie is another new daily favorite of mine. On the days I don’t mind looking that young, eh.

It’s been kind of a “wake up, go to work, go to gym and go to bed” kind of a lifestyle for me past week. Oh, just kidding it’s not like I’d actually go to gym every day, ha! But otherwise the previous was true. Maybe it’s just that with big changes like starting a new job you always feel like a lot is happening real fast and you can hardly keep up, right?

My life as we know it is quite alright though, considering that I’m now spending my days gaining work experience in a small business in fashion retail. Planning on projects, doing various communications duties, and as I get more familiar with the job, designing and making marketing materials and campaigns, and so forth. I’m only on this job for a few months but I’m happy for the new duties, responsibilities and challenges!

I’ve got other changes coming up too with one of them being a little surprise for you guys… I’ll try to get it posted soon. And hey.

Have a super sweet Valentine’s Day, everyone!